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To my fellow freelancers and the Upwok community. If you come across a job offer or someone who is not what they advertised or you check it out usually just google the company and contact the real company, then here is what you want to do so all other freelancers and the Upwork community and Upwork Association knows about it. First to do is post it in the forums. Here is another action to take, go to the original job post if its still on here, and in the top right hand corner somewhere you will see something which says Flag As Inappropriate  click on that and submit the information then click submit, it will be submitted to Upwork for them to review it.


Well said, Brian.


And just to add... don't start working until you've been officially hired through Upwork and have received a confirmation email from Upwork... rather than the client just saying "you're hired!". Don't accept any payments outside of Upwork. Make sure escrow is funded before starting on a fixed rate job, or the client has a verified payment method before starting work on an hourly job. Feel free to communicate outside of Upwork, but make sure important details are recorded via messages on Upwork, be careful if you have to download any software or register on other sites, and if they post you a check/cheque, then there's probably a 95 to 99.9% chance that it's a scam and the check/cheque is fake. Oh and last but not least, don't put on your coat until you're leaving the house, as you won't feel the benefit otherwise.  

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