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SCAMers vs. Upwork

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yesterday I got the invitation to the project... it was the first client's job, the payment method was not verified and the description was looking strange, something like "I have a budget and I want to "wash" the money... I'll pay you, you don't need to do any job, you'll just pay upwork's fees, you'll send me 60%, whatever left is yours, can we talk on facebook, blablabla..." 


just some type of scam - it's clear.


I reported the client to support, flagged the description/messages... so, almost 24 hours left but I still see "the job"...


I just want to tell you that there is no better place then Upwork for the scammers if the support reacting for the reports with the same slow speed... 


Hi Pavel,


Thanks for the pm. I checked with our team and they addressed the job post, thanks for reporting.


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Hi Pavel, 

I checked your account and was unable to identify the job post you are referring to. Could you please send me a link via a private message so that I could double check if actions have already been taken on the job post? 

I would just like to share that if you have a direct link to the job post, you should still be able to access the job even if actions have already been taken against it. Once you clear your cache and/or cookies, you will lose access to the post. 

~ Avery

 I sent you the links - please check the pm.


but he is smart and used Russian  - it could be a problem for you to understand the important points... 

Hi Pavel,


Please pm me the job post link and any other relevant information, and  I'll check if our team reviewed it already


Hi, Vladimir.


you got the links - check your PM.

Hi Pavel,


Thanks for the pm. I checked with our team and they addressed the job post, thanks for reporting.

Community Leader

Hello Pavel,


I will use your topic and keep this discussion based on my own experience. It is about 6 months ago (if not longer) when I first received a suspicious message regarding a job post that I have applied. The message goes like that: Thank you for applying to my job. Please check the detail file from (shorten url address) and answer the question ask in file so we will go further.

When clicking on the url, it opened a FAKE upwork login page, asking for your username and password. I have immediately reported the job to the support team. 

Since then I have received the same message from numerous jobs that I apply and I always flag their job posts. I have received the same message from a client just 2 hours ago!

Of course I know that we should be more careful about jobs that we apply, but we can not filter out every client just becasue they are new profiles withou any ratings.


My question to other freelancers is: Do you also receive such messages on a regular basis? And is it "normal" that Upwork has not solved this repeating issue yet, after such a long period?