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Vlad Y Member Since: May 15, 2014
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Hello, It is becoming very frustrating to find a good an honest candidate on oDesk. And you guys have to do something about it. I am starting to see more and more cases, where people that apply to my projects, who say that they are half and half of any eastern European nationalities. Example "my dad is Ukrainian, my mom is Chinese" or "my mom is Bulgarian, my dad is Indian", when you connect with them on Skype, you realize, that all of these people are of indo-asian background. They use pictures of European looking men, and pick either Russian, Polish or Bulgarian names. When I create a job and specify a country region, I have my own reasons for it. And I am sure many others, who do that. I want to minimize amount of unwanted bids, but it seems helpless. Result, much time to be wasted in picking right candidate. I propose to enforce account verification for contractors. If they specify a country, they have to prove it. There are many ways to verify their location. Phone number, SMS verification attached to a country code. oDesk will suffer greatly, if no actions will be taken. Cause it will just be very hard to use you guys to find good and honest people. Since you have merged with Elance, there its exact same situation.