Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone has had any SPAM offers?  I have received quite a few and one person went as far as texting me after midnight trying to get personal information from me.  Is there a way to avoid this from happening?  It's frustrating because I will get an invitation to interview get excited about it and then realize they are not a real company or who they say they are!


re: "Is there a way to avoid this from happening?"




Gain experience.


Nobody sends me spam invites because they can see from my profile that I'm too experienced to fall for their tricks. So they don't waste their time.

On the flip side, despite my experience here I got an invite to deposit checks into some yahoo's account because....I have no idea.


The trick is recognizing them.  You may always get them, though they definitely lighten up after a while.

Thanks for your reply~ I am now being extra careful with all my invitations. I also network on Linkedin and have found amazing opportunities there too!


I am actually very experienced 20+ years and have an excellent profile on UpWork and Linkedin but thanks for the reply! 

Unfortunately,  your categories are a magnet to scammers. Sometimes translation is too. I have had quite a few. The most irritating thing about them, is that when you get an "invitatation"  from these people you have to not only report them but also reply to the invitation so that you maintain your response times.