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STANGE tax information problems

Upwork is asking me for an accountant's registration number (ESTANHO) for earnings on Upwork, but I don't have earnings on Upwork to declare to an accountant and I don't have an accountant. So I would like this to be resolved, because there has been a notice of account suspension for over a month on my page, and I have already filled in the W8-BEN information, I just haven't filled in the accountant registration number because I don't have one.
Do I need this to be resolved in order to work?


Hi Watila,


I can see that what you're actually missing is your Tax Identification Number from your Tax Information. This is the number that your country uses for collecting your tax information and may have a different name, such as PAN in India, for example. Some countries may use a National ID number. You may be able to find information about your country's TIN here. If you have questions about your number, you must consult a tax advisor in your country or contact your local tax authority.

~ Luiggi
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