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Salary dispute



Just wanted to clarify on the amount that I have received. It only shows $40 on my account. It seems that a week pay is lacking or short. I started working last July 23 and based on my calculation I should have $60. Just to explain further, I started July 23rd which I'm more than 3 weeks now, if i'm getting 20 dollar (NET) per week. technically it should be $60. I already message my client about it and he informed me to ask advised with upwork and he will also look what he can do on his end. Really need your help. Kindly advise.



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Please do not message clients about this.


This has nothing to do with your client.


Your fees are automatically calculated based on the time that you log working on your hourly contract.


Remember that Upwork collects 20% of your earnings, until you have earned $500 working for the same client, at which time the fee is reduced to 10%.


Details about your earnings, and where your money is on its path toward your personal financial account, can be found here:


Upwork -> Reports -> Overview


A few additional points:

You need to be very clear in your mind about what the nature of this contract is. Based on your post, I was not clear.


Is your contract an hourly contract only?

Or does your contract also include an additional automatic weekly payment?

MOST Upwork hourly contracts do NOT include an automatic weekly payment. But that IS an option that clients can set up.


Regardless of the precise nature of your contract, nobody is manually miscalculating your pay. You can figure out exactly how the numbers add up by looking at your Reports page.

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Hi Preston H,


I completely understand what you're saying however it doesn't still add up. My contract with my client is hourly. And as per my client he is paying $25/week and I should be getting a net of $20 due to 20% fee. That is already clear on both of our ends. I started working on JULY 23 and I have not entered my payment method not until August 8 when it was approved by Upwork. So I think I'm missing my 1st week pay. I'm now on my 4th week. I hope you get what I'm pointing out. Please see below the report and kindly advise.



Here's another information. Kindly check attachment below.

Here's another information. Kindly check attachment below.

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Community Manager

Hi Noemy, 


If you check your Overview page (Reports > Overview), and your Transaction History page, you will see an amount that is still pending, and it will reflect on your account on 22-August. If you still see any discrepancies, let us know so that we can assist you further. 

~ Avery
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