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Sales fallen tremendously after WRONG jss score

Can Upwork explain to me how to fix this JSS score? Ive completed every single job I have ever done with complete satisfaction from the client. I do not stop until the client is satisfied and have completed all of my jobs, and all of my feedback is at 5 stars. This is not a joke, this is my life. Why is my JSS score so low? Almost half of my clients come back but I dont have any who would recommend me? It doesn't make sense. 

your algorithm is WRONG

this is affecting my SALES

Clients are unaware of how any of this effects their freelancers. 

Upwork you know this and I believe you are engaging in meddling. 

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Most of your Jobs don't have a Reviews IE nothing. This is why the JSS is so low.


Make sure that every client does the Review and don't leave blank.


No Review is almost the same as a bad Review.

No, that's completely false.

Which post are you referring to Christine?

Oh, I see it was William's. But which part of his post is false?

It's all inaccurate. Not receiving feedback does not lower your JSS.


It's almost always the private feedback that is responsible for the drop.

You don't have to pester your clients for reviews; some won't leave a review, and that's fine. And saying that "no review is almost the same as a bad review" is ridiculous.

Completely not true. 

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As far as i can remember, if the "no feedback" jobs make up more than 30% of your total jobs, your jss is impacted badly. Complete more jobs, make sure most of them leave a feedback, a few exceptions is okay,

"No feedback" does not impact the JSS.

Not so. 

Thanks for the feedback. I guess the information i had was old and upwork changed their algorithm to exclude jobs with no feedback. Source : https://community.upwork.com/t5/Product-Updates/No-feedback-contracts-no-longer-impact-Job-Success-S...

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I can see from your previous messages in the forum that you got a bad review from a client in April this year. You must have given them a refund to make their public feedback go away, but their private feedback is still affecting your JSS. Since you've only got three other reviews, doesn't this explain the situation?

I have never given a refund and that review was finally redacted by the client itself. I actually recieved an apology and a $100 tip for the mistake from the client but your assumption is telling!

Clients can't change their private feedback, only the public feedback. And how is my response "telling"? You asked a question and I answered. People often think that their JSS must be wrong because they have all 5-star reviews, but it's the private feedback that counts. 

RaeAnna S wrote:

I have never given a refund and that review was finally redacted by the client itself. I actually recieved an apology and a $100 tip for the mistake from the client but your assumption is telling!

That will not change your JSS, since private feedback can't be changed. 

It is unfortunate that a number of people in this thread gave advice that was wrong, since this makes it harder for you to discern the correct information. It is usually best to look it up in the ToS, which is the most current information if you don't trust answers you are getting. 

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Hey RaeAnna S

hope you doing great!

JSS is calculated in multiple ways!

It always calculate the last 12 months from today!

Also every order have not the same impact of JSS
It varies with the clients and projects.

Make sure you dont have any bad reviews under these months

It doesn't. The calculation windows are 3/6/12/24 months. 

"JSS is calculated in multiple ways!"

How IS it calculated? 

Hi Rae Anna,


Your JSS reflects your overall contract history with your clients and is based on your (or your agency's) relationships and feedback. We don't reveal the exact calculation for your score because doing so would make it easier for some users to artificially boost their scores. To ensure fairness and accuracy in the marketplace, we need to maintain some privacy with this metric.


~ Arjay
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I would not start the overview with claiming all 5-star reviews. While it is true, it's only three in number, and a LOT of no feedback jobs. While those are not detrimental to your JSS, they just look bad on a profile, as if you are eager to end contracts yourself because you expect bad feedback from the client. 

Always let the client end the job. 

Your client that would recommend you percentage does not show yet because you have too few jobs. It will show up with a few more, and it will likely be around 80%. 

Just so you know: public feedback means nothing. The main factor of JSS is private feedback. 

Your JSS looks perfectly in line with your upwork history, someone mentioned a job that went bad and was refunded. There was bad private feedback on that one. 

Im both a freelancer and client and truthfully this response sounds like a really bad HR post on LinkedIn. Most of my clients can barley use the platform when getting a service and I have stated this multiple times to Upwork and on this forum. Upwork refuses to contact clients who ghost the platform over a review, so as a freelancer none of these things should be out in place when clients don't understand these fake metrics that mean nothing 

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Waiting from a response from Upwork support as clearly these policies are filled with holes and no one can seem to agree why my score looks the way it does

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