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Same Jobs Are Coming


I've been following for the same job keywords and I've realised that the system, website brings the old jobs as new. It is really weird. I am following this more than one week and I was feeling strange about the job offers. If you control that, Upwork puts the same job offers which you can apply with your connect. 


You can also understand it with the proposals. Some jobs get more proposal and some less. Okay, It depends on the work and the money, but It is not that. Sometimes you can see that there are 20-50 proposal for one job in a min and It is not the best work on that topic. Or, If a job offer gets 50 proposal, the client does not interview even one person and he/she disappers. 


Lets say a client open a job, and there are 50 proposal in a min. And the client has to be online, because it is not even 2 min that he/she open the job, so he/she should interview with people. But what is happening? he/she disappears. 


Probably Upwork makes this to earn more money from connects and other things, but It is not fair. 


Did you realise this before, or am I hallusinating?

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Hi Kaan Onur,


Could you please, clarify what you're referring to? Are you seeing less recent jobs in your Job Feed?

~ Valeria
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