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Same account with Same IP but two different Laptops.

I have a Question:


What If I use one upwork account on the same IP  but two different laptops?


Actually, my Concern is I am the owner of an agency and I want to give work to my employee, So If the task is hourly then how can I track the screen with an upwork tracker on my employee's laptop.


Definitely, I have to log in to my account on my employee's laptop. So is this violating any upwork Plociy?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Hassan,
It's okay for two different people to use the same computer to log into their separate Upwork accounts. It's also okay for one person to be logged into their Upwork account on multiple devices.
It is not allowed, however, to share login information and access another person's Upwork account. Each user (even if they're members of the same agency) needs to log into their respective account to do the work and track time on an hourly contract they were hired for.
~ Valeria
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