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Same job offer each week, zero hires.

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Yeah, I'm very curious about this. How is it possible that someone can post the same job offer over and over again without hiring anyone, several times a week each month. They can't ask for free work anymore so changes were made, but it's basically the same offer. Is it ok to scam dumb people and break the rules privately, using the message center? Should I think that they aren't asking for free work anymore now that they changed their job description? Last contract of this client happened in 2012. Keeping this kind of people in here only attracts more scammers and happy to be slaves freelancers.

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There's a strong possibility that they're encouraging freelancers to work with them outside of the site.

Hmm, strongly agree with you, that is what they are intending to.

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Community Manager

Hi Juan,


If you suspect that a client is asking for free work or offers to work and pay outside oDesk, please, flag their job posting. Our Team will thoroughly review and take appropriate actions.


Thank you very much for your cooperation!

~ Valeria



What good does flagging do when the same job is sending suspicious invites out and they are flagged but it is till there two weeks later?


I flagged one which has sent me job invites twice, which clearly states in their ad they require you to signup on a site that has a staffing and payment platform that charges a percentage fee of your gross income. 



Is this not a violation or is it ok for someone to post a job that requires you to pay out part of your income to work for them? 


I think that it's probably time for someone to monitor the ads before they're live.

that's exactly what they should have been doing, instead of messing with random contractors' profiles and suspending them left and right.

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Flagging doesn't work. I keep flagging but the same job was posted today again. I can't believe someone has a hobbie of posting job offers all year and never hire anyone, especially when they were asking for free work before. I think the oDesk team is not doing their work.

Hi Valerie,


I have flagged one post a few weeks back. I suspect he is getting free work. I, too, applied in his post. In there, he stated that we must do a 5 minute test. He sent an audio and I ended up transcribing 8 minutes.


I have been checking his posts. He has 3 posts. One with $40 offer, $10 and $9. All asking for the freelancer's email address. I feel he is not hiring new freelancers. His "job in progress" is the same. 50 "job in progress." I'm not sure if they have been paid but I see zero payments for weeks now. There were comments on his feedback about not paying in time or not paying the whole amount.


I, too, have worked with this client more than a year ago when I was still new. I don't remember much but I think it took a while before he paid me.


I really feel he is doing something wrong. I am posting this because transcribing also takes time to do. It takes time to finish even for a 5 minute audio. I feel bad for all the transcribers who are trying to find work and this client only has free work on his mind. [although I hope I am wrong]


Two thumbs up for oDesk for making $3.00 minimum rate happen. With regards to transcription, is there a chance that if ever a client wants to test the freelancer first, that the test be limited to 1 minute? I also sometimes see $4 an audio hour or $5.00. Those, I feel, are really too low.


I even saw one post, offering $100 for 100 hours of audio.. Wow. That's $1 for one audio hour which means $1 a day. It really hurts me to see those kind of posts. I know some don't do their work well but I hope there's something to protect transcribers too.


Thank you so much Valerie for your time.




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I see I have made a mistake. I'm sorry for misreading your name, Valeria. My apologies.


Thank you,


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When I talked to a chat support agent a few months ago, she said that the reason why job posts take a while to go live is because someone reviews them first. Now I know that is simply a copy-pasted propaganda response.


I flagged and even reported clients who ask for free work or those who requests to pay outside of the site (complete with screenshots) only to find out they are still very much alive on the site.  I got screenshots to prove this and taked many times to support about this but they simply send the same response that the person has been dealt with or being investigated etc. It's not true of course 😛



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If someone really is reviewing them first, it leaves a lot to be desired.


In the meantime, a lot of new users will get scammed. Not all of them will ask questions in the forum.