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Saving clients

Hey Upwork!


I was wondering if there's a future possibility like we, as freelancers, would be able to save clients and follow their job openings. I did find a very interesting job a few days ago and I didn't apply because I was sure I couldn't work on it but I wished I could have an option to save that client and maybe follow his future job listings. 


Let us know if there's any plan working on this. Thanks!




That's a really good idea; I'd appreciate having this feature as well. 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Thank you for your feedback, Constantin, I will share it with our team. 

~ Goran

I, one the other hand, while I'd also appreciate benefiting from what the OP said, would like to save clients so that I'll know to not bid again on their jobs.
It didn't happen to me just once, to realize that I wouldn't want to work for a client after a few messages, just to discover that I'm being interviewed again to another job of theirs to which I applied because I didn't know it's them.

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