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Says in the Help that the max file size is 1GB but I still can't upload anything over 95MB-- WHY???

Every couple of months I have to send a new tranche of work to my client—boatloads of documents. When I saw in the Help that the max file size is now 1GB I got very happy this morning because it won't have to be uploaded in little bits.


But for me it's still 95MB, as my 325MB zip file just proved.


—Why does the Help say one thing and reality is another, and

—is 1GB really coming, or not?

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Hi Kelly, 

You may upload your large size file on google drive and permit it for client download and finally send the download link to your client. 


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While that implementation is still going on, using Gdrive at this moment is the best. You maintain quality and save yourself some stress

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Using Google Drive is not an option for my tech-phobic client. So I'll be breaking things apart and sending multiple uploads, as usual.


But "is there something else that's a workaround" wasn't my question. I'm wondering why the Help section says something IS, that ISN'T. And whether it is at least on its way, and if so, when.


(The Help section should express what's actual, not what's planned. Which is why I went there this morning before giving it a try, so I would know what the current limits are.)


Hi Kelly,

Could you please try clearing your cache and cookies or logging in with a different browser to see if the issue persists? Also, please note that the 1GB limit is only available in the new version of Messages. If you're using the previous version the 95MB still apply.


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Hi Andrea,


I sent the documents to my client in little bundles earlier this morning, so I don't have anything to test it with.


Having said that, I clear my cache and cookies *regularly,* so I'd be very surprised if that had anything to do with it, and I use Firefox (latest version) on my Mac because Upwork seems to be pretty cranky, in general use, with the latest version of Safari that my older computer can get (11.1.2), so I'd also be surprised if switching to Safari would be a help.

Upwork is not a file transfer tool.


I enjoy so much freedom and convenience because I use dedicated file transfer tools instead of trying to use Upwork.


I don't need to worry about file size limitations. I don't need to worry about Upwork blocking certain file types or silently making modifications to files. I don't need to split up files to evade limits.


Using other methods to transfer files does not require a lot of technical skill.





Google Drive

Microsoft One Drive





I pay enough money in fees that Upwork should do what it claims, you constantly chiming in and defending Upwork is just... strange.  If you dont have any help pertaining to the OP then please spare us.

Upwork does not claim to be a file transfer service.


I tell people how they can solve their problem simply and immediately and without relying on someone else to assist them.


Providing a solution that works now is totally different than complaining about Upwork not doing something that it doesn't do.

Hi All, 


We encourage our Community members to be professional and respectful to one another when posting here. Please, be mindful of the Community Guidelines and avoid making personal attacks.


~ Nikola
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