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Scam Alert: Freelancers Losing Money on Fraudulent Job Posts

Recently I bid on a job with 82 connects($12 USD). But the client is a fraud/scam. He just asked me to send a crypto payment on his behalf! But I declined his request as I knew his intention. But my main concern is my $12 USD is wasted because of this fraudulent client.

Here is the simple math, how much connects/money get wasted for this scammer!

- Almost 30 freelancers submitted proposals on the job
- The minimum bid connect was 14. The 4 boosted bid was 82, 80, 78, 73 connects
- If I am not wrong almost 1000 connects from the freelancers are wasted which is almost $145 USD!

I already reported the client. Your customer support should delete the job post and give back the connects to the respective freelancers! Some of the new freelancers are struggling to get connects and eventually they are not able to bid and if this happens again and again, they won't be able to continue working on the marketplace!

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This is a known issue. We have all talked about it. Are the jobs like for to long before they are flagged? Should Upwork give everyone a refund of connects when they are flagged? Revenue driver for sure. Lets hope they fix this mess.


Otherwise - Bye Bye  to UW!

Upwork does refund on scams.

Only we can hope.?

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Flag / report and move on.

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The connects are returned if Upwork determines it is a scam. However, if the freelancer participated in the scam, by talking outside of Upwork, etc. or agreeing to the scam, the connects may not be returned. Otherwise, you and all of the applicants will get your connects back once you contact Support.

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