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Scam Alert by client

One of my client first pay me 1st, 2nd and 3rd milestone and asked me to send you and return me outside the platform. When I paid him then he filed chargeback on Upwork. Please keep your profile safe from scammers. 

Note: Upwork aslo freeze my transactions until I don't return back to them. Why everytime client win. Why he did not ask him that why you pay him multiple times.

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That was not a client, that was a scammer who's only goal was stealing your money. 

Paying or receiving payments outside of upwork is strictly forbidden and you risk losing your profile for this violation. 

It's a well-known scam. The "client" pretends to overpay (probably with a stolen credit card) and asks you to refund outside of upwork. You should never do that. You should have "refunded" him inside of upwork. The reasons he gave you why he can't receive the refund on his credit card are complete nonsense, they only make sense if the card is stolen. He will not benefit from a refund to a stolen card. 

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You mean that first he pay me 1st, 2nd and 3rd milestone then he found that after month that I want chargeback. Strange and upwork allow him to return funds. Why upwork ask him that why you pay him 3 times or different times before.

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By paying the client outside of upwork, you lost twice. It's a scam anytime someone asks for payment outside of upwork. It's also a ToS violation. 

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Are we talking about the $6000 job? How much you send to "the client"? Can you dispute it to the payment channel?


What did "the client" tell you actually?

One of company make deal to pay 20% of the work and he will manage work on your behalf but you have to deliver 80% to us and 20% yours.  And The company will provide you clients, reviews and  manage all work on your behalf. At the end, scam does happen. They choose good rated profile for this scam. So be aware!

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