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Scam Job Notifications

Community Guru
Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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It would be very helpful, to new freelancers especially, if there was an icon to indicate that other freelancers had flagged a job for whatever reason. It would at least give them some warning to check the job very carefully, without having to identify what the client may have done.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Excellent idea.


I've seen lots of good ideas discussed about how to combat the plague of scam jobs and scam clients... But I don't see anything being done... and the problem persists.

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May Jane J Member Since: Mar 17, 2011
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There are too many fake job post in odesk as i observed.The client are using different names.

Community Guru
Natalia G Member Since: Jun 8, 2008
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This is a great idea. I flag all the job posts that do not meet T&Cs or that are clearlu scams. I am often left frustrated because I can't warn other freelancers! Moreover, the jobs are still up days and even weeks after I flagged them, so it's obvious to me noone is doing anything about them... there could be something like "this job post has been flagged by # freelancers, proceed with caution". Such an easy feaute to implement!
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Cesar G Member Since: Feb 11, 2015
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I see a big problem with this idea, because is fairly simple to be abused. It is similar to why contact names are not allowed in the forum, as anyone can maliciously hurt somebody's else reputation.

Community Guru
Ramon B Member Since: Jan 11, 2015
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It is nearly impossible to ruin a clients reputation so much that they can't get anybody. In the old forum there was plenty of discussion regarding some jobs advertised by someone who stated that freelancers 'must be obedient at all times' and must 'be willing to do anything to please him'  Worryingly, there were still several applicants!

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Cesar G Member Since: Feb 11, 2015
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... but it can be ruined to some level where neither you nor me would apply

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Melanie M Member Since: May 14, 2015
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I am a new member here in ODesk, and I am not sure whom to seek help from. A client sent me a message here asking me to add her name in skype and I was interviewed there. I passed my test article and was advised I was already part of the team, so I was assigned to finish some articles. After I have submitted my articles, I immediately asked for new tasks but it has been almost a month now but they have not given me any feedback, thus, blocked my skype id. My articles then remained unpaid.


For starters like me, what do we need to do to make sure the clients are legitimate clients of ODesk?




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Cesar G Member Since: Feb 11, 2015
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Melanie, the easiest way to get started is to read the pinned threads in this forum section:


* Want to get that first job? Then check this out...

* Job warning signs


To protect yourself, don't forget:


* don't start work if there is no contract between you and the client

* don't accept payment from outside the platform

* look for escrow protection when working on fixed price jobs

* if the client asks for money then it's a scam

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I am a new member here in ODesk..."


Um, yeah, we can tell.


You did a whole bunch of free work for a scammer, not a legitimate client.


Anyway, Melanie, you got scammed, but don't take it too hard. LOTS of new contractors get scammed when they start out. Don't dwell on this incident. Move on and look for real clients.


But first...

Since you are clearly ameneble to accepting assignments from people who don't pay you, I'm assigning you homework:


I want to to do some searches in the Upwork Community Forum and find at least 15 threads which discuss "free work", "test jobs" or scam clients... Read through the entire threads, without adding any posts of your own.


Then look for Upwork's Terms of Use pages which describe the rules that Contractors and Clients follow. Find the paragraph that points out that clients are not allowed to ask for free work of any kind (not even "test articles").


In your own handwriting, copy that paragraph onto a sticky note. Put the sticky note on your computer monitor or somewhere in your workspace.