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Scam Job Prevention Tactic Suggestion - Please Don't Kill Me!

One the main thing I notice about a lot of these scam jobs (not all) is that they say they are in the United States but when but when you check the client's local time doesn't match up to any United States time zone.

Is it possible for jobs with locations that don't match the time zones to be blocked?  This doesn't seem like it would be that hard to do since the system obviously automatically collects the local time of the client posting the job.


But I'm not a programmer.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Julie,


Could you please send me a PM with more information about your report, along with a few samples? I’ll be sure to share it with our team for their investigation. 


Thank you.

~ Bojan

Hi Borjan, I'm not sure how to PM you.  I clicked on your name but didn't see an option to send you a message.

I don't have a report, this is just something I have noticed on the jobs that look to me like scams.  I just clicked on one in the current job feed, it says the client is in the US but the time says 1:00am.  It is not possible this person is in the US.

I only looked at 3 jobs before I found this so it should be easy to find examples or I can send them if you tell me how to message you?

Hi Julie,


Thanks for letting us know. You can find the option to send a message right after clicking Bojan's name. As for your concern with the job post, if you see a job or a profile that seems suspicious, you can report it to us using the flagging option. You can read more on this help article and also, please check out Tips to avoid questionable jobs. You might also want to check out the information here to learn more about staying safe on Upwork. 

~ Joanne
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Julie J, Thank you for posting this suggestion here, and thanks to Bojan for following up on it. It's always good to see people proactively trying to make UW better than it already is, and using this forum to do so.

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