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Scam Jobs offers everywhere


Upwork is slowly becoming a hotbed for all scammers. I get daily 3-4 scam offers every day. Also on the job feed, you would only see scammers. I saw a video on youtube about how they are hiring innocent people on Upwork and they use these freelancers to facilitate their bank-check scams.

Video link- **Edited for community guidelines**


Upwork should really need to do something, as I was about to get scammed many times. This is really heartbreaking for new freelancers who don't know the systems well and can get trapped in and can ruin their whole life


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I agree completely. There seem to be more scammers than there are legitimate jobs here. I hope something can be done to weed them out. I spend far more of my time dealing with scammers than I do with legitimate ads.

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I could not agree more. I have not found one legit job yet.

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