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Scam Jobs

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I think this sums it ALL up

Community Guru

Bahaha,  Cleaning the coffee off my computer screen now 

"Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike-Coach John Wooden"

Hi there


Just wanted to warm people about someone calling himself **Edited for Community Guidelines**. He advertised for new writers, and I responded with a proposal. He then sent me a message on Upwork and asked to discuss the details on Skype - at which point I should have realised there was something dodgy going on. He said he couldn't pay via Upwork but would pay via Paypal. I wasn't happy but agreed to do one article for him. And of course the money never came. Luckily I only did a couple of hours of work for him. 


I know better now 🙂



A lot of good clients use Skype.


But it's never okay to agree to be paid via PayPal or other means outside of the Upwork platform.


Two problems with that:

1) The client probabaly won't pay you.

2) You can have your Upwork account suspended or terminated for agreeing to be paid outside of the platform.

Hi Sarah,


Please, note that agreeing to be paid outside of Upwork doesn't only prevent you from benefiting from Upwork Payment Protection but also is a serious violation of Upwork ToS. Please, report a job by flagging it an inappropriate whenever you are offered a payment outside of the platform.

~ Valeria

Thanks for letting me know. How do you flag a job as inappopriate?



You can go to the original job posting and you will see the link to flag it on the right. I am also following up with the team about your report to make sure actions are taken.

~ Valeria

I am moved from Elance platform to Upwork like everyone else, but one thing I noticed..


In last time I noticed more and more Clients scammers on Upwork looking for a job without a contract, they're still trying to convince freelancers to work without a contract, with the promise to hire them and give them a long-term business..


They are highly trained and deal with dirty lies until you get away from what they should be, They will do everything to get only part of the project, the fact that only part they need, when they receive the material, they will tell you: I don't like this work, regardless of the quality of your work.


I don't remember so many scammers on Elance platform, but on this platform lately too much, You may recognize them, they did not register the method of payment, the other option: They placed the 60 jobs and hired only 3 people..


Just a warning for all Freelancers, Don't work without contract.