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Scam - No action taken by Upwork

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Ramon v Member Since: Oct 28, 2015
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A peculiar story about a little scam.


2 or 3 weeks ago:

I received an invitation for a job by some Client who shall remain unnamed. The job was to place apartment ads on several Dutch websites for $20 per ad... WOW! Of course I was skeptical straight away, but out of curiosity I accepted the interview.

The Client wanted me to place a single ad, just to see if I was the right candidate. I replied that this was no problem, as long as he/she created a Contract and funded the first Milestone. The Client refused. I explained that it was against Upwork's rules to work without a Contract, at which point the Client decided that I was not the right candidate.

I did the right thing and reported the Client with all the info of our conversation to Upwork. Upwork told me that they would undertake action, but that they wouldn't be able to share the outcome due to privacy reasons.



I was approached by the exact same Client, with the exact same job. Luckily he/she forgot who I was, so once again I accepted the interview and this time I went along with it. He/she sent me the info to place the ad and I went ahead and did so (making sure that I wouldn't REALLY place the ad. I changed some necessary information on the ad and would make sure I wouldn't complete the placement) until I got to a page where I was required to make a payment.

I asked the Client about the account payment, and of course he/she asked me to go ahead and pay the needed amount and tie my bank account to the ad placement account.


I don't want to keep reporting the same Client over and over. I have reported different scammers on several ocassions, but what's the point if little to no action is undertaken?

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Ramon,


I've checked and see our team removed the previous job post. Please follow up on the same ticket with screenshots of the conversation you mentioned in your post, and our team will take the necessary steps to prevent any further violation. I'll also follow up with our team and share your ticket and feedback.


Thanks for reporting.