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***Scam Post***

This post is a scam.  I have seen it for over 3 months now and Upwork doesn't do anything about it.  I don't know what they gt out of posting scams - but whatever. 


It's ridiculous there isn't someone trolling - especially in social media - to see the stupidity of the posts by these people who have a litany of laundry to do and are paying $.02 cents on the dollar posting as "expert" for $100.  They are all over social media, digital marketing, etc.  


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Don't know if this particular job posting is a scam or not, but the end of the message is something that Upwork adds when a job is posted from mobile device.

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That is added to all job posts that are posted from mobile phones.... It does not mean it's a scam.

Edited to say that I've applied to and gotten jobs with that line on them. I'm sure some are scams just like many posts made from PCs are, but that line at the end just means that Upwork detected the poster was using a phone. That's it.
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Hi Nicole,

As others have stated, the message at the bottom of a job posting regarding it being posted from a mobile device is not an indication of the job being a scam but is added on when the posting is created through a mobile phone, you will see that lots of different job postings have this message.

However you can check out this thread for tips on avoiding suspicious jobs and scams.

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Hello Nicole,



Don't worry about this message, this message posted by up work when any client post job through mobile devices. You will find many jobs quoted with this message.



One more thing i want to add that you can get an idea that a job is scam by interacting with that person, I man to say when you receive any interview, and the conversation leads you to something not right or you think is a policy violation this might be a scam and in that case you can immediately report this job post to Up-work.



Thanks & regards


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