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Scam alert: 67 identical job descriptions and no hires?

Someone needs to look at this:


The job titles are different but all of the job descriptions are the same. And they all include the same link.

Not to mention that 70% of my job feed currently consists of pdf to word typing jobs.

(Note to anyone who's new to the platform, this is a serious red flag so don't apply, and please read this before you apply to anything else: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Community-Blog/Top-Red-Flags-for-Scams-From-Community-Member-Wes-C/b...)

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Upwork AI filteration isn't that smart and why should they even care as well.

Upwork doesn't have AI filtration. The number just increased to 79 since I posted, and all but one of them were posted in the last day.

Maybe a moderator will come around to explain to us why Upwork should care.


Hi Renata,


Thank reporting this. I shared this search result with our team to investigate and take action based on our internal processes.

~ Luiggi

Hi Luiggi,

I'm assuming this is kind of standard on the weekends when no one is paying attention to the job feed. So they'll probably be up until at least Monday.

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