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Scam job posts waste connects

Hi, I'm using upwork for free and we all know that Connects are so limited. Upwork only gives 10 free connects per month. We have very limited Connects and most of it gets wasted on scam job postings (clients who wish to contact on different messaging platforms, unresponsive clients, etc.)


I got 2 clients who want to connect using Telegram but I didn't push through because (1) it's against Upwork policy and (2) scam protection. Both these 2 clients (and some suspicious job posts I see on the site) I noticed have payment methods unverified. Maybe it should be required for clients to have a verified payment method first before they can post for a job.


Hope this gets resolved. Thanks!


It is! You get connects back when a job is taken down by upwork, so keep flagging them. 

Payment verified does not mean it's not a scammer. Most scams are very easy to spot, so don't apply to them.