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Scam on this websiteUpwork

I publicly denounce **Edited for Community Guidelines**who is a scammer under the name of the**Edited for Community Guidelines** which is the company he works for.


I did a translation job for 27800 words that he never paid me for, because I had to transfer money to him first.

To get paid I was told I had to transfer $850 for bank commission, which I thought was super strange because he never paid me millions either, so I told him to deduct it from what he would pay me and he said he couldn't do that.

That's when I realized they were scammers just looking to screw others.


He blocked me from Instagram and also from the financial department.


Please, I ask you to be more careful with the type of customer that contacts you because we all work for free and it is not fair that there are so many scammers on this website, for me they are not to be trusted.



**Edited for Community Guidelines**

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


**Edited for Community Guidelines**



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This is a clear fraudulent scheme. Never respond to a job that asks you to send money.


Hi Miriam,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Please note that sharing contact info prior to a contract starting is against ToS and one of the most common scams is when the client wants to take your conversation to Telegram. And as Maksym said, do not interact with clients who are asking for payment. Real clients will not do this as this is against ToS.


We highly suggest reviewing our ToS, reading these tips on how to avoid questionable jobs, and this post from our Community member, Wes, about top red flags for scams for you to keep yourself safe in the marketplace. Should you also encounter any suspicious user activity again in the future, please send us a flag so the dedicated team can review it and take action as soon as possible.

~ AJ
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