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I'm new at Upwork. I applied to a job and the client asked me to edit a sample of the text to check quality ( 821 words) before sendind the whole file. However, after I send the edited text, he said ok, but stopped communication through messages. Was it a scam or he simply did not like my work? At least, he could have said something...


Fernanda **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Requesting free work is a policy violation.

Say the client has a 8k word document to be edited, and finds 10 freelancers to do 800 words as a sample, he's got his job done for free.


821 words is not "a sample" - it's a job, and should be hired and paid for. If clients want to test several freelancers that's a great idea, they can set up 5 or whatever sample contracts at the agreed per word rate and after PAYING (!) for the samples they can hire the person whose (PAID) sample they like best for the main job.


Hi, Petra!

I was indeed very naive...Beginner error, I guess. But the job is still on the platform and I saw the client made 10 interviews. Do you think he is doing the same to others? 

Thanks again.


He is! Flag him for asking for free work /fraud so Upwork can take action,

Thanks, Irene.

Fernanda, you have to be really careful about scamers when you're new on Upwork. They love newcomers. First principle is never work for free, second is never start working before you get a contract.



Hi, Luce!

You are absolutely right! I've already learned my lesson.


I'm a provider and client. The greatest value I ever provide is identifying the real problem. Unfortunately, I usually have to do that to get the work. I recently offered three freelancers a paid estimate for the work. A sample of 821 words is insane. Tell him no, offer to find an 800 word example of poor writing, and you'll edit that. Examples aren't hard to find; just browse the job descriptions.

Another thing you can do is have texts and their translation in your portfolio, that way you just tell him that he can have a look at examples of your work in your portfolio.

Hi, Luce!

I'll do that. Thanks.

Hi, Bill!

You are absolutely right! 


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Hi Fernanda,


Thank you for sharing your concern.


In addition to all the great advices from our friends, please, consider reviewing the best practices our Hiring Headquarters have published here.


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