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I've been doing test work for this guy. The client name is**Edited for community guidelines**. I now believe he is scamming me. Furthermore, I think it's possible that the credit/debit card details he had me use to create a kindle account may not actually belong to him. How to report it to upwork directly?

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Marlina, are you doing work without a contract in place? I didn't see one in your profile. You should never start work without having accepted and Upwork contract from your client. I don't know if he's scamming you intentionally, but working without contracts opens you up to all kinds of scams and unethical behavior. You may want to read up on the ToS and resources to make sure you understand how the platform functions before starting to work.


Hi Marlina Lovita,


I'd like to confirm that Sarah is right. You should only start working on a project- even if it is a test work once you have a contract. I'd also like to let you know that communication outside of Upwork before a contract is placed is a violation of Upwork TOS. Please read through the announcement posted here for more information. I have also reported this to our team for review. If you see a job or invitation that looks suspicious or inappropriate, you can flag it using the flagging option found on every job post or Upwork profile. You can read more on this help article and also, please check out Tips to avoid questionable jobs.

~ Joanne
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