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Scammars are flooding the web development feed.

Hello, in the last couple of months I noticed something horrible happening, and Upwork doesn't seem to notice this pattern or care at all!

The web development and design feed are flooded with 2 types of scammers!

1 people who are asking for websites or some kind of service and adding an email or a telegram link (which is a clear violation of Upwork rules!)


2 people who are adding random links with ads on them and saying that the requirements are in this link! (Wants you to click on the ad which can be very dangerous!)


This needs to stop, it makes finding jobs very hard, basically, 50% of my feed is clear scammers! I reported countless jobs, but they keep coming! I think Upwork needs to fix the feed and take care of this problem, and I'd love to help with that if possible! I think these guys are using a script because all that jobs are totally similar!



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It's not just in web development. Thanks for reporting it here.

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you are welcome, I think more people should share this problem so Upwork management takes care of it.

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