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Scammed on my first Upwork job??




Last week I submitted a proposal (as a freelancer) for a job here.  On Thursday she sent me a MESSAGE with an typed offer.  It would be a difficult assignment with a short deadline, but I accepted it based on the specific payment terms listed in the Details page of the job offer.  



I am in need of a few excellent transcriptionists that are wanting to work FT or PT on a weekly basis. I pay $0.30 per minute of audio on the 5th and 20th of each month. I need someone who is dedicated and hard working and who can meet deadlines given without excuses.


After discussing the terms in the MESSAGE, she sent me an audio recording of 406 minutes, and a crude, industry-standard voice recognition document.  According to the listed terms, 406 minutes at $.30 per minute is $121, minus Upwork fees.  


She never notified Upwork that I was hired.  She never offered me an official contract.  I pointed this out and she said she would have "accounting" take care of that for me right away.  


As we discussed in the messages, I transcribed the 406 minutes by the deadline of Sunday evening.  I sent her the finished document to a personal email account.  And I reminded her that Upwork still did not know I had been hired or completed the job.


Instead, she sent me an offer for an editing job worth $60.  I did not accept it, and I pasted a copy of the original terms ($.30 per minute equalling $121 for 406 minutes.)

She withdrew the offer, and now she claims that I did not transcribe the document correctly.  She's having someone review it.  


Am I covered on this at all?  I've already done the work which took roughly 31 hours over the weekend.  All I want is to get paid the agreed amount.  As far as the quality of the work, I would be happy to have someone (Upwork?) mediate this claim.  I stand by my work, I transcribed it verbatim, to the absolute best of my abilities.  


I absolutely feel as if she is attempting to work outside of the Upwork system and use petty, false claims in order to pay less than the agreed amount.


Please help!  Thank you.