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Scammer Alert! Proofreading and Editing

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Rebecca G Member Since: Dec 10, 2020
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The job title was: We are in search of a Proofreader

In Upwork messages I communicated with: **Edited for Community Guidelines**


This client posed as **Edited for Community Guidelines**, an employee of **Edited for Community Guidelines**. An interview on Skype was requested. I signed up for an interview slot with him. When signing in for the interview it was all through chat, no video. I asked if they were interested in hiring me through Upwork or hiring directly. I pointed out that if they wanted to move our relationship off of Upwork's platform a fee would have to be paid. I asked if they were willing to pay the fee. He/she said that would be discussed during a later portion of the interview.

He/she then proceeded to send me a link to complete an assessment through **Edited for Community Guidelines**. After completing the assessment the client said that I would be hearing back from them via email. I started doing some more digging at this point. The email address used to set up my interview was made to look like it was from **Edited for Community Guidelines**. It had the following domain: **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Since **Edited for Community Guidelines**, I looked at their hiring policy and found this fraud recruiting policy on their website that applies to **Edited for Community Guidelines** as well:

"In addition, **Edited for Community Guidelines** job recruiting staff sends email communications to job applicants from **Edited for Community Guidelines** email accounts only. Any email that states to be from **Edited for Community Guidelines** but does not have a **Edited for Community Guidelines** address should be assumed to be fraudulent."


This email address certainly is not a legitimate **Edited for Community Guidelines** email. I withdrew my proposal at this point, but the client had closed the job, so there was no way to flag this as inappropriate. Just wanted to warn others and also request that Upwork find a way to allow freelancers to flag scams even if the job has been closed.

Andrea G Moderator Member Since: Jul 7, 2020
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Hi Rebecca,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I can confirm our team has reviewed the job post and client you're referring to and they have been actioned against, as per our processes. Please know, if you are not able to flag a job post, you are still able to flag a user's messages. Please check this help article for more info on how to Report Suspicious User Activity.