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Scammer client

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Magdalena S Member Since: May 16, 2017
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Hi! I would like to know am I able to fight against scam at the end of the job? This person "is not satisfied with my work" I did all the job that was in milestone even though she barely talked to me to give me the directions. In the end she made a mess and asked to pay me outside the upwork 30$ (so she didn't wanted to pay at all because it is not what she wanted, alhtough she didn't know what she wanted the whole time). The milestone was on 200$ and I have ended the job and asked for that. I do not want to give fer money back, because it is a perfect scam she got the idea and solution and I was working for free and even got 2.5 score.
Now she says that I have been to pushy and stuff and I only wanted to finish te job succesfully.
This client has no history on upwork and doesn't even know the policy, and she has ruined me.
This is my worst experience on upwork and I don't know what to do.
Magdalena S


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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No matter how careful we are, there ARE certain powers and privileges that clients on Upwork have when it comes to fixed-price contracts.


That is why my recommendation is to never set up a fixed-price milestone or contract with a "new" client (a client that I have not worked with personally) that is too big to lose.


So if I don't know a client, the most I'll set up a contract/milestone for is about an hour or two of work, or no more than about $100...


That way, if the client turns out to be somebody who can not be trusted, I can just abandon the contract if necessary. This would mean I would keep the work that I did, which I can use in my portfolio. But I won't need to waste time with a bad client.


That's not a perfect solution for your current situation. But that might be something to think about for future fixed-price contracts...


My recommendation to you for your current situation would be this:

If you had a $200 funded milestone, and you did that work, then use the official "Submit Work" button and hope that the client doesn't "request changes" or file a dispute, but lets the payment be released to you.