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Scammer using 'real' email addresses of real people'


New to Upwork and have what appears to be a scammer asking for all my personal info via Gmail, full name, address, phone, email for an offer letter. I gave them fake email, number, address and partial name (since they already had it via Upwork) Knowing communicating outside of Upwork violates community guidelines I was suspicious. 


Now they are asking "I would just need the name of your bank to draft the right endorsement for your financial institution" I told them NO and reported it. They are using a real business Delta Apparel, with real people names what appears to be real email address, just ending in .us instead of .com or .org, etc. 


My question is, I'd like to scribe a nasty gram to this person, but didn't want to look bad via Upworkl. I know I'm supposed to be the bigger person here, but I feel like getting this off my chest to this person then blocking them is the least I am owed for 4 days of wasted back and forth, a phone interview and an 18 question interview survey with LONG FORM responses.  


Would Upwork ban me of doing such a thing? Just curious, I'm not going to send it, I'm most curious on Upworks response that's all. 


Thanks for lsitening! 

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Did you get any resolution.  I got an offer from the same email ending ( @deltaapparel.us), and they are asking for the same thing as you mentioned.   They sent me an copy of check for me to deposit and asked me to use the fund to buy equipments for work ( that is where I get suspicious).  Any thoughts?


Dont do. This is a well know scam.

First of all accepting payment outside Upwork is a ToS violation.

If you deposit that check, it will for sure bounce back and you have to pay the bank fee too.

If you participate in a scam, you won't be getting anything, except, perhaps, to be kicked out of Upwork permanently. You need to read this post and follow every link. You are a beacon to scammers, because you aren't following the Terms of Service. All you will find are scams until you learn and follow the rules. Learn about profiles and proposals, as well. It's up to you if you are successful or scammed. You have to protect yourself, because no one, including Upwork, will do it for you.

No resolution. just Upwork posting some canned response about Me violating community guidelines. NOTHING, about going after the scammer or how to handle scammers or anything. Maybe it was an AI response, who knows. The more I looked into scammers the more I see people complaining about this platform not Vetting clients. I'm guessing they get paid or funding based on the # of clients they have, whether they are valid or not. Basically how Twitter over inflated itself during the sale. 

It may be a canned response, but it's true. If you participate in the scam, you are as guilty as the scammer. Upwork won't tell you what they do in most cases.


No, that's not how Upwork gets their money. A search will tell you how the platform functions, when they started to be in the black, and more. It will explain a lot.

I just got tried w/ the same scam, using Delta Apparel. Is Upwork aware of this scam? Are they doing anything to stop this?

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Thanks for posting this Mike! I just received their offer but wanted to do extra due diligence after noticing the email address was off.


You've saved me and other people from dealing with these scammers!

All you needed to know was they wanted to talk to you outside of Upwork. Use the link to the Academy at the top of the page before you are scammed and lose it all.


Don't play games with scammers. Stop contact and report to Upwork. You can be scammed and lose your Upwork account permanently.

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