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How do I report a non-paying user?  I've submitted two milestones and he's not responding.  **Edited for community guidelines** The job was to rent out my LinkedIn profile for his sales business.  Little that I know it's against LinkedIn policy so I told him about that and he's not responding to any of my messages.  Please beware of this type of "work".  Should I wait or should I just end the contract?

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Hello. Are the milestones funded? If so, press the big green submit button and wait. If he does not come back, you will be paid in 14 days time. 🙂


If you want to report the user, at this stage, message the Upwork team privately. They will soon delete the personal info in your message above as personal info such as names of clients is not meant to be typed in this public forum. 

I did that three different days in the past week and a half. Only one
milestone has been funded. Nothing funded for November.

Every time you press the big green submit button, the 14-day countdown resets to zero. 

Do not press the button again, wait 14 days. Hopefully the client will not come back and you will be automatically paid.


Regarding the other milestone, unfortunately, that won't be funded if the client has disappeared. 

Just wait 14 days and shrug this off as a bad client. It's happened to many freelancers. 

Ok, I'll wait. Thanks!
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I'm pretty sure anything that violates another platform's ToS is, by defintion, a violation of UW's ToS. So (1) UW is unlikely to help you get paid for it, and (2) if you did manage to get paid, you'd be in violation and your UW account would be at risk. At any rate, it sounds like you don't plan to rent your LI profile after all, so why are you trying to get paid for doing it?

I did not know that it violated LI until earlier last week. Then I realized
I did not get paid for both October and November. I have then deleted my LI
account and reported him.

It didn't dawn on you that renting out a profile would be against the TOS of LinkedIn? I think you might have bigger problems than not getting paid. 

Thanks but we all made mistakes and that's how we learn. Like I said, I've
deleted my profile and reported him to LI.
If you don't have anything nice to say, then keep your opinion to yourself.

You can take it as negative or take it as constructive. Red flags didn't go off for you in a clearly red flag situation. You need to reassess how you vet clients and projects and what is ethical and not ethical work. Your ""bigger" problem that I alluded to, and which I just specified above, will cause you more problems if you do not learn more than simply to not rent your accounts out. 

Ok, noted.

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