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Scammers all over the job feed and email with job suggestions - what is happening lately?

I have been a freelancer on Upwork ever since it was Odesk (11+ years or so). I am a top rated freelancer and Upwork is my main income source. 


Never have I seen so much SPAM in this website as I see now. From the last 2-3 weeks I only receive spam invitations and even Upwork sends me emails with job suggestions including spam (clients asking for you to contact them via Telegram, WhatsApp etc.). It's like a button was pressed and Upwork changed. I am genuinely surprised that 10 out 10 invites I receive lately are fake. It's disconcerting to say the least!


Also, what happened to payment verified clients? It seems there is a bunch of bots posting the same job over and over again trying to scam freelancers! I am genuinely afraid of accessing the platform and catching virus or having my computer invaded, it's very serious what's happening and it's reached a point that just "we are sorry and we are trying to fix it" doesn't cut it.


It's reached a point that it became unberable. I work with writing, editing, translating articles and there are simply no "real" jobs there on the feed. It feels Upwork was taken by trolls.


*I am not paid to spend the whole day flagging posts, although I do when I answer invites.


Please Upwork, solve this issue!



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"It's like a button was pressed and Upwork changed."


Yes, that is beyond obvious. Now they should unpress that button.

No kidding, Peter!


Upwork seems to be going downhill, unfortunately. A lot has changed, and for the worse! 


I miss how simple it once was.



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