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Scammers are everywhere.

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Jan Evan Dominic L Member Since: Oct 28, 2010
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Hello odesk team, I would like to share my experiences. I got scammed two times already using a fixed price contract. Now I discovered new something today. If you guys go to this link: ** For those admin people. Read all of it. This client is the worst than the first employer that scammed me too. He just fooling around! He even said: ** I waited more than 7 days because he told me he will pay me because he likes my work! Then today! Suddenly, he just ended the contract! Without saying goodbyes! It's a clear offense. We need some kind of justice for the freelancers like me and to prevent this kind of employers that fooling us around! Yes I know hourly contract is the best way to prevent this but we can't just ignore about the issues on fixed price contract. I know oDesk is great and I am sure you will find a solution on employers that just fooling us around! Playing on us! Making us stu**d. In short, I just want to ban that guy using odesk. PEOPLE LIKE HIM DON'T DESERVE TO USE ODESK! oDesk is use for professional people like us! To serve people. To support people and to help people throughout the world using oDesk! Hope for your kind understanding on this matter and hope you will consider moving this issue to the next level and make some kind of new rules for the people like him. *Removed by admin
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Ekaterina P Member Since: Oct 30, 2010
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Did you contact Customer Support with your issue?
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Daniel P Member Since: Aug 15, 2014
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Did you ask for an upfront payment before sending them the work? This is the best possible way to protect yourself and lower the risk that they won't pay you. It's better to be scammed out of 50% pay, rather than 100%.