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Scammers in Upwork

Hello to everyone.

I am actively looking for job posts and try to be very careful with where I apply. I have noticed that there have been each time more and more possible scams like:

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

- The first thing that I notice is that the payment is unverified, which is not a real problem, but you can find 30 posts like this every single day, with a very vague description and totally unrealistic expectations.

- Another thing that they do, is to change the location of the job, this one shows United Kingdom, but the same post is placed from Serbia, North Korea, Germany, and many more.

- The third red flag is that they have no record, only 1 job posted, $0 spent on the platform, no reviews, and often high payment offered.

I am writing this post to encourage everyone to flag it as inappropriate and also dislike it and click Vague description.

Hopefully one day these people will be tired of posting always the same and Upwork can enhance policies for clients where they can only post if they have a verified payment method.

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That is even worse, so a bot can post a job? and Upwork doesn't need to enhance it?

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This is bots, them will be never tired.

Verified payment also mean nothing. Most of scammers is verified.

As you can see, 15 freelancers anready wasted money there. It is profitable for Upwork. No reason for enhance policies.

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That is even worse, so a bot can post a job? and Upwork doesn't need to enhance it?

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I've faiced a scammer.
The client **Edited for Community Guidelines** is SCAMMER. We're communicated and the client asked me to checks the source code which has long line script in a file. The script checks local files and sends to the him server.

The gitlab is **Edited for Community Guidelines**. there're 3 projects within same abuse code.

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My first contact was a scammer (this was just TODAY). Seems tough to weed through to find real jobs.

Hopefully it's gotten better since!! Best of luck! 

I'm new to all the of this but hoping it'll pan out. 

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5 hours and next one. How many connects needs to spend to go through all scammers in the upwork?
I kindly request the Upwork team to implement measures to prevent such fraudulent activities and protect freelancers from falling victim to scams. Ensuring the authenticity of clients and providing safeguards against fraudulent behavior would greatly enhance the overall experience for freelancers on the platform. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The client: **Edited for Community Guidelines**
Gitlab Repo: **Edited for Community Guidelines**
The script which watches and sends local files as passwords etc: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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