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Scammers on Upwork

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Johnnaliza L Member Since: Nov 1, 2017
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I just wanna confirm if this is a scam. I was asked to pay for the working permit.

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Scam. A real client would not interview 69 people for this job. You should read this post:

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Also apart from the 69 interviews John pointed out, any client that requires you to pay money for anything for any reason is a scam, as a general rule.

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Al W Member Since: Nov 14, 2017
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I avoided one today narrowly... the Direct Deposit/Hiring outside UpWork clued me in. 

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Justen W Member Since: Jan 2, 2018
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Good morning,

I too signed up with UpWork and the next day I had a job offer.  

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Did the interview and things were really looking up.  This morning I started getting texts with poor grammar, which concluded just now with him wanting to send me a check to cash and buy almost $2,000 worth of WalMart merch.  

When asked about funds all being monitored through UpWork they said a contract was in the mail. 

This would be my first job with UpWork and I'm rather skeptical.  

Hopefully bringing the job offer to UpWork's attention can help take care of this one offer.


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Nina K Member Since: Nov 29, 2017
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Hi Justen,

Thank you for reporting this. We are investigating the job posting and you can be assured that the approriate actions will be taken against any users found to be violating the Terms of Service. Please note that you should only begin working once you've secured a contract through the Upwork platform and the client with whom you want to work has a verified payment method.

You can check out this post for helpful tips on getting started on Upwork and also this thread for tips on avoiding suspicious jobs.

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Kat C Member Since: Jul 11, 2016
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I belong to another "job posting platform" who claims they do "vet" the posters.


Every single job I've applied for through their "vetted" clientele has demanded free samples. I SOOOO want to make a list right here and now of the companies who do this--and I'm not talking a simple, small sample...we're talking HOURS of FREE training in their "editing" process along with a three-hour UNPAID "editing" test. Um. Nope. Unless you're one of the HUGE TECH companies offering me a hefty salary, I'm not playing the free sample game for peanuts. Buh bye. 


Additionally, I've yet to secure a project on that platform (and my profile is the same, the jobs are directly aligned with my expertise -- yes, I've analyzed the language carefully for each posting). However, in this "wild west" of not vetting clientele, my experience is exactly the opposite.


While this doesn't completely VOID the "vetting clients" argument, it does point in the direction of "client vetting" as not necessarily correlating with *better* job opportunities (or the ability to attract better clientele, or even to successfully land a project). Indeed, it may prove the opposite--which has already been discussed at length in other threads?


There are many ways terrible clients can filter through a vetting system.


As it is, there is a percentage of clever clientele who post one thing on the job boards, and then play bait and switch, or GOTCHA when you enter a contract with them (YOU'RE MINE NOW YOU PEON FREELANCER, once false move and I'll MANGLE your JSS--ok this is slightly dramatic).


Certainly, if Upwork wants their version of CIA/FBI personnel to sift through sketchy job posts, I'd be glad to do it for them Smiley Happy (however, it can't be done for free, sorry guys--which would also increase Upwork's cost, and they would most likely have to pass that along to you and me, yes???). 


So, it's up to us, as business owners, to put clients through an additional vetting process as you would do with any other client (at least I hope you would) outside of Upwork. 



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Jason B Member Since: Jan 7, 2017
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Please be advised that there is a post for**Edited for Community Guidelines**  Customer Service Reps that is a complete scam and attempt to gather your personal information.  UpWork needs to work harder to keep this **Edited for Community Guidelines** off of thier site and protect the security of their User Base. 


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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heeeheee I'ma mess with this guy. mmmm snowy trolling spammers

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Charles W Member Since: Dec 30, 2016
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Good grief, well Jason I am certainly glad you took screen shots, and the last one was hysterical and you are spot on.  So "Nathan" still wants to interview you.  How amazing that their scam is so unorganized and scrambled.

Your suspicions were correct.  I think I would advise **Edited for Community Guidelines** that someone is misrepresenting them on a very large freelancer site, too.  Absolutely.  Not sure they can do anything about it, but UpWork can and should.  But I keep seeing that scammer jobs appear to be the norm on this site, rather than the exception.  Makes me think of the porosity of the site and possibilities for wide-spread hacking.  

Sorry you went through this, it's extremely stressful.  Please update your story when you can.