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Scammers on Upwork

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Kumar wrote, "My first priority is to win clients. This means I will not be reading terms and conditions until unless I run into some trouble." Then maybe you should change your priorities. You're not winning anything when you work and get nothing for it. You also wrote, "Now, established clients don't hire n00bs. And n00bs don't get clients." If you believe that, why are you still here? If you want a cliche, then every freelancer started out as a newbie. How did I first get hired when I started long ago at oDesk? By applying for jobs that were unattractive to experienced freelancers, such as jobs offered by first time clients and fixed price jobs with low budgets. Good luck with your next job.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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Lynnette D Member Since: Feb 2, 2016
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Thanks so much for your advice!! It's perfect!!

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Kumar C Member Since: Apr 5, 2017
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100% agree John! However that catch 22 is true. I have been bidding for projects, landed just one. TBH, this particular case where I got skimmed has made me sour.
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "this particular case where I got skimmed has made me sour."


And it has made you wiser.


You learned a valuable lesson and you didn't even need to read the manual. You can be grateful for the experience and move forward with more confidence when you work on your next job.

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Kumar C Member Since: Apr 5, 2017
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Yeah, lesson learnt. I just want others to be aware of this particular client.
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Kim C Member Since: May 23, 2017
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Ugggg, I'm brand new to the UpWork platform. I just completed my pprofile, portfolio, and verified US, and got pulled into one of these this morning!  Not knowing how thiswhole thing works, I was in the Google chat for 45 minutes, feeling a bit odd.  Them saying the want to take the project off UpWork, and me asking for them to fill in the details on the platform.  I didn't give them anything but my email address.


Every so often the English would be a bit odd, though the picture of the person in the chat matched the person on LinkedIn.  I asked if they worked for the company, got yes, and asked why they were using a gmail addy.  They said, it was just for this interview process and wanted my contact information.  I quickly called the person they were claming to be at the companyand left a message for them.  I told them in the chat that I just left a message for them and that they could call me back to discuss the project.


She called back within 15 minutes.  Of course, it wasn't her.  


Bad people suck.  


I feel so stupid that I wasted 45 minutes.  Thank goodness UpWork provides this platform a community and discussion board so we can help each other out.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I feel so stupid that I wasted 45 minutes."


The time was not completely wasted.


Now you know that you should never respond to, communicate with, or waste time on any client who invites you to use Google Hangouts (Google chat) before you have an actual contract with them.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Kim,


I see our team already removed the job post and client from the platform for violating Upwork ToS. In order to work safely on Upwork and avoid fraudulent jobs, please follow the advice shared here and review our freelancer resources. Note that users are required to work on the platform, all payments have to be processed on Upwork and freelancers should never pay in order to be hired or start working. Please check the notification in the first message room created in Messages and stop communicating with that client, since they are no longer allowed to use Upwork.


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Shekinah E Member Since: Aug 1, 2017
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I was just scammed!!! But didnt give any bank info but they got my address and phone #. And was asked to go to money gram and get a senders form!! What to do with that dummy check and it got cleared in my bank???
Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Shekinah,


I'm sorry to hear you accepted payment outside the platform and got involved in this scam scheme. If you already deposited the fake check and sent the payment to the client, contact your bank in case they can still take action and prevent the payment from being received. 


Never accept a payment outside Upwork and report a client for offering direct payments. Please review the safety tips we included on this thread, along with other freelancer resources, and pm me the link to the job post so I can confirm our team took action on it.