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Scarch Many Time But can't Find My account Why?

Dear Upwork,


I having this problem as a freelancer. I search many times My Account Shuvoraj Biswas and can't find my account why is my account not in the search engine Upwork why can't I search please give me the solution.






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**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Searching by your name will not yield results, you should search by your skills and even then you may not be able to find yourself because the search results are on a rotation basis, Upwork keeps rotating the results displayed. If you do this and apply a few filters like location, rate, JSS, and others you may be able to find yourself. 


If you want to search your profile directly use any of the keywords from your profile like I did to look up your profile using these keywords and was able to find your profile Keywords used: "10+ years SEM experience"

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