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School assignment / cheating

So I'm fairly certain that my "client" is actually a high school student- it seems like a non native English speaker going to school in the UK- who wants me to help him finish his final project for his high school degree...


Can I cancel the project without penalty?  I don't want a bad rating because I'm new to Upwork, but I also don't feel comfortable helping him cheat.


His job posting most likely violates the TOS of this platform.  If you have naively accepted the job, I would close it immediately and report/ flag the job as "fraud" which encompasses academic fraud.


Hopefully, you won't be chastised for taking the job but know in the future that these jobs are not allowed.


I suppose you could open a ticket with customer service and supply them with screenshots of your messages with this kid.

Thank you.  I've just closed the contract and noted that it appeared to be a school assignment.  I appreciate your help.

There are many ways to help students which do not constitute cheating or academic fraud.


Whether or not this particular job is in any way a violation of Upwork ToS would depend on the specifics of the job.