Scope of work changed fixed contract


My client may be changing the scope of work on a fixed contract. Can they go in and change the name and $$ amount?.

It’s gone from $500 originally to now $100 as they are only wanting the research done. I am happy to have completed the research and now close out. What do I do so my JSS is not impacted?

When you submit the work, there will be a place for the amount you're requesting from escrow. Normally, you'd just leave it at the full amount for the milestone, but in this case, change it to $100. The remainder will be refunded to the client when the contract is closed. 


The change in the amount won't affect your JSS.

Thanks - Can they change the job descriptions or name of the job? As it’s no longer management it’s just research.

Hi Shannon, 


Contract names can't be changed. You can discuss this with the client to hire you on the new contract. Having a new project will enable you to precisely define the job scope and requirements since those are not the same as for the previous task. 

~ Bojan