Search Filter: Entry level, entermediate, and expert

There should be a search filter for type of freelancer they want. That way I don't I have to go through a job post only to find out they are looking for entry level position.

You can tweak your job feed to only the pay level you want, experience level, project cost, as well as skills required. -click on 'find work' -then enter the job skill and click 'search' -once the page loads up, on the left side, you can click appropriate boxes (job type, client history, budget, project length-for hourly only, hours per week-for hourly only, and experience level-for hourly only) Just learn how the site works before ranting/posting for a feature which ALREADY exists so you don't look like a 'newbie/entry-level' yourself. If clicking on the actual 'job' to read details for non-hourly jobs is too much effort for you, then perhaps you should build your own freelancing site. Good luck!

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Don't take me for a moron Dianne. I know the current state of the job search and there is NO functionality for entry-level, intermediate, and expert level. You sure are bold to talk like that without knowing your facts.

You are something else. I even gave the step by step way to tweak your job search and you STILL do not get it. Get your facts straight, until then, you have no right nor privilege to talk like a know it all.

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Alright, Ms. Hotshot. Click on the image link. Explain to me why I am not seeing any filters for Entry Level, intermediate, and expert. Is something amiss? Again, its not edited nor tweaked, unlike some image linked here... If you are the one with a problem, as another user below can see the search filter as well, then contact support. I shall use my time now for people who at least have some common sense.

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Just so you know, it doesn't look like your snapshot for everyone, Dianne. I'm no newbie and I know pretty well how to tweak the job filters and I can tell you that my filter column looks just like the one Ian posted - it ends with 'hours per week'. The entry / bla-bla filter is not there yet. So the right answer to the OP's question is "The filter already exists, it's being rolled out slowly and you'll see it on your profile after some time" With the split live testing and the features being rolled out it's kinda pointless (and a bit unprofessional) to jump on someone just because their screen doesn't look like yours. Currently I know of at least three features that look different for different users - this one, the English levels one and the public profile view. So why don't we all calm down a bit...

Shouting in the forum is rarely called for and makes the shouter look badly. There is rarely a need for all caps or all bold. At least all bold is readable, but it sure is angry. Angry over what? the fact that some people don't see the same features you do? The guy was asking for a feature that, apparently, oDesk is already beginning to implement. Clearly, if the feature is already in place for some, there was at least some merit to his request. Doesn't seem shout worthy to me, nor does it seem worthy of all the attitude.

I was enjoying that and had my popcorn all warmed you have to go and drag some common sense into things. For the record, I do see the "Experience Level (hourly)"; not that it's ever going to be of any use to me as I filter out all hourly jobs. These are the guys responsible for the split testing:

I'm saving my popcorn stash for the next 'stop overpaying' / 'I'm-your-employer' troll. They're much more fun (and last longer. p.s. dayum, Google is fast - 5 minutes after I checked out that Optimizely link I got their add on a YT video. Orwell, where are you, I'm scared.

I was thinking of popping some last night (when I was tempted to add the same common sense) but the posts were just too slow moving. I am thinking maybe this contest guy? I do have plenty of popcorn. 😄

Robin, I could have flare it up more. Thankfully oDesk save the day and went ahead on the emergency maintenance. 😄

Thanks for the feedback. I understand now it is a split live testing and the feature is already there (but not roll out for everyone, gotcha). I twitch a little bit there for the bold text. The fact that I was scolded for being a 'newbie' that a feature already exist and otherwise build my own freelance site isn't right. Thankfully, I am relieve to be on the right side of the fence. 😉

the OP was merely putting forward a suggestion. that didn't sound like ranting, but your posts sure did. this is what happens when you're fond of jumping to conclusions... or, simply put, assuming things. 😉
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She is right, there is a search filter for entry level, intermediate and expert. You should learn how to spell bro, 'entermediate' does not exist on oDesk. ;) No wonder you cannot search for it. :bigsmile: As she says, learn how the site works before ranting and acting like you know how the site works, peace.8) Better yet, work on your huge attitude problem. That works even better.

and get rid of the bold - it hurts my ears

Yes, get rid of the bold. Take a chill pill!

Does it feel good to make fun of others?

It doesnt show for everyone, it is a feature still in split testing, I just thought you should know that. Yeah.....

It doesnt show for everyone, it is a feature still in split testing, I just thought you should know that. Yeah.....