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Search filters don't work at all?

I'm attaching the file that pretty much explains everything. Is there a way to filter the jobs? Because, literally the first filter I inserted to exclude ("NFT") is also exactly the first search result.

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Hi Boris


It looks to me that you are thinking like a "coder". The way that UW works is by tags, so if you write NFT in the search bar it will show you the job offers that have NFT in their proposal regardls if you write "not" before or after... for what i know the only way to select the kinds of jobs is by cliking the green icon on the search bar and then choose from the options given. You are a 2D artist, so don't be surprised if NFT apears on your job offer...

I used advanced search, and that's how you exclude words.

But I think I've found what the problem is, the last thing under the brackets was "video editing", without OR between them (you can't have two words without the operator between apparently) so I guess it broke the whole expression. Once i added OR it worked.


Thank you for the feedback anyway!

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I've found out what the problem is - two words in the brackets didn't have the operator between them, so it broke the expression. My bad and I apologize 🙂

Really? i didnt knew that one, can you send a screen shot, i mean that's really helpful!!

Here it is. It shows how the expression is created through advanced search dialog, but you can also edit it "manually" later (just have to be careful :)). This particular example will create the code NOT (nft OR social OR media).

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Thanks so much!!! never noticed that one! It really helps!😁

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I tried to exclude some words through the Advanced Search but I still see jobs with some of these words, e.g. Bubble.io

Here is an example:



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