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Search is not acting right...Tell me I'm wrong.

So I have been resorting to looiking for contract work away from Upwork because my feed is just totally dead.  I have been watching Google the last couple of weeks and today an Upwork job jumped out at me.


Title:  "**Edited for Community Guidelines**"

It is currenlty four days old and it never came through my feed.  So, I don't think I'm too bright so maybe just missed it.  So I copy/paste the title into the search bar....wait for it...nothing.  Nada.  Zip.


So I"m still not thinking I'm too bright...I go back to google and push the link button attached to the job and it takes me right to this guy's post.  The job is four days old and has already got 10-15 proposals and 2 interviews going.  Hmmm.  Why didn't my feed get this?  Even better, why doesn't Search pick it up.  


That only leads to another even more frustrating question...what else am I not seeing?


Anybody with a brighter bulb in their box then me care to edumacate (sic, on purpose) me?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Keith,


Thanks for reaching out to us. I checked both the Google and Upwork search for the project you are referring to. The reason why you couldn't find that specific project on Upwork search could possibly be that you ran the search with US location requirement turned on. However, if you turn off the US location requirement, the job can be found in the search. To turn off the requirement, kindly, toggle the 'U.S. only' button as shown in the screenshot here.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar



What does this mean though?  A customer in the US has to designate their project as US Only for it to show up in my feed?  If so I have misunderstood how that feature works.  I thought that a project initiated by someone in the US was automatically a US Only project.  I guess it makes sense why they have to choose.  Some people need to tap into the world market from the US.  Ok...I guess I answered my own question.


Thanks again.

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Keith B wrote:

.  I thought that a project initiated by someone in the US was automatically a US Only project.

How in the world would that make sense on a global platform?

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Well...unlike yourself, I'm not a genius or anything so it takes me a bit to work it out, which is why the two sentences after the one you quote reveal that as I was writing my question, it occured to me why it didn't make sense....thus my statement "I answered my own question."

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