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I have noticed that when I search for my specific job description "kitchen designer" or "kitchen design" or even the word "kitchen" neither myself nor any other actual "Kitchen Designers" show up in the results. I test this all the time and it has been a few months since I have noticed the change.


All searches result in anyone who has the word(s) "kitchen" and or "design".


Why am I or anyone else with this title not showing up in search results?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi John,


I just searched "Kitchen Designer" and your profile showed up as the third result from the top. That said, search doesn't only take the profile titles into consideration but other information on profiles as well. Additionally, the results may differ depending on who's searching, for what purpose and when, and are also rotated to give different freelancers a fair chance to be discovered. 

~ Valeria
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