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Hi, My Clients are unable to find my name in the search field ever since I change my name from daniel light to Daniel **Edited for Community Guidelines**, I tried searching my name myself but it doesn't appear, and I don't get invites anymore.

My email: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Daniel,


Freelancers are regularly rotated in search results and the order the profiles are displayed in will change every couple of weeks. That way we want to make sure that every professional gets a chance to be discovered and every client finds what they are looking for.


Also, please note that search results will vary depending on who searches and the time of the search since a number of factors are taken into account. Clients will always get a different search result for the same keyword/filters than freelancers using the same parameters.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Understood, but I think my name should at least appear at the first page if typed fully? But it doesn't
Before I changed, Daniel light always appear first in the search feed

Don't search for yourself. It is a rabbit hole.

Searching for myself is a distraction and doesn't help me earn money.

This helps! Thank You
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