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Seeking WordPress website coder & everyone is busy

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I'm a client seeking a Wordpress CSS/html coder & so far the majority of contractors have declined citing they are too busy. I've wasted TONS of my time inviting them after reading some of their profile. Why isn't oDesk putting a feature on that if someone is busy they shut off their profile so clients don't waste their time inviting them? Michelle
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Because really great coders work on other freelancing sites too or might even have their own sites, there is no way for oDesk to monitor if they are available or not. As a freelancer yourself, it baffles me that you seem to be unaware of how fast a freelancer can shift from having lots of free-time to busy mode. If your project pays low or is just not tempting enough for the freelancer, its normal for them to decline and say they are too busy. Saying 'too busy' is also a way that some freelancers use to decline a non-tempting or a project they think is simply not worth their time (either because of pay or the effort it needs to be done completely) without really offending a potential client.

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LOL, I didn't ask oDesk to monitor everyone's profile, but yes, this is their job. And yes, if they put a feature in where a freelancer is required to turn off their profile if they are busy (doesn't matter where the work comes from, that is a non issue), this would help everyone. Why you are baffled is beyond me. And you have no idea about my project one way or another, you are just assuming things. I'm more of a client than freelancer & so for me respect, people who don't lie & play games & me not wasting my time is everything. Now if you don't have anything positive or constructive to say, please don't respond. This was a thread meant for oDesk b/c I'm always told to open a thread when I want to see changes on oDesk. I didn't start this for freelancers to try & justify me continuing to waste my time.
Freelancers here have the option to make their profile private if they want to. That way, they can choose which jobs to apply to and won't be bothered by invites from jobs they don't want to do. I'm a client here more than a freelancer so all your bristling remarks are you ASSuming things. Strive to have better reading comprehension and learn how the site works. Have a good life 🙂

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No wonder freelancers do not want to work with you, its obviously because of your attitude. Respect freelancers' time and do not act as if you own the site. If the freelancers are saying they are busy, it is them telling you politely that they do not want to work with you or does not like your job or is really busy. Its so simple, but no, you think that sending invites is a waste of your time. Your time is not more valuable than anyone else's. This is a freelancing market. I suggest you learn what freelancing means before acting like an 'employer' and thinking that freelancers ought to work with you.
As i see there is a problem with your attitude and with Michelle's attitude . She had an idea which could optimize her time. Nothing wrong with that until doesn't affect negatively others. It was explained by others that its not a good idea, and thats the end of story. Lets not over think why she suggested that. And i can't fathom your last sentence. Are you implying that freelancers are above 'normal' working people ? Or its different from a brick and mortar job ?
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Wouldn't work and I seriously doubt that oDesk would consider it: 1) You want every contractor on oDesk to spend time continuously updating their 'availability status' to save you time. If that were all there was to it; oDesk might go for it as contractor convenience doesn't seem to be one of their priorities. It would cost money to add the feature (which oDesk does care about) and it wouldn't work because: 2) Availability is not a yes/no state. Most of the time for contractors, availability is for a job of specific size depending upon what holes in their schedule they want to fill. It probably *could* be automated; but as conditions change from day-to-day, hour-to-hour; an accurate system would require at least daily input and people would soon get tired of that. Even then, it still wouldn't work with the current system for the reason that: 3) At least some of your respondents probably could have fitted your job in, but chose the "too busy" option to be polite. When you turn a job down you get a list of reasons to choose from (Pay too low; phishing/fraud etc) of which "Too busy" is the least pejorative. Most of the other options are -frankly- rude and would pretty well guarantee not getting an offer from that client ever again. The only two options that *don't* effectively say "don't ever contact me again" are "Too busy" and "Other" (with a textbox). If you choose the "Other" option, you then have to tell the client why and in many cases "Too busy" is just easier and/or more politic. On the plus side, "Too busy" means that contractors aren't writing you off totally; but as it's the only polite option there, it could also be taken to mean: "It's an hourly job" (I only do fixed-rate. It does say that at the top of my profile, but I can't blame people too hard for missing that bit) "Not this job, at this time" "Doesn't quite fit in with my skillset" "Just doesn't feel right" "Job looks fine but the client looks a bit high-risk" ...and a host of other reasons.
Do we really want to see oDesk introduce a new automatic assumption-making feature after their recent monumental fails in that department. Imagine a new mad robot that looked at your application to a job but then decided to hide it because it thinks you're too busy (hold on - maybe it's already doing that 😉 . there is really only one way to find out if someone is too busy to take ion a particular job in a particular timeframe - ask them . And if that entails taking up some of your time asking the question, then that's life...
Theoretically possible and bloody stupid aren't mutually exclusive. To make it work everybody would have to update their availability status every time their contracting status changed...and that just isn't going to happen. It wouldn't solve the OP's problem, even if implemented. If the real problem was that the job wasn't appealing for whatever reason, contractors would just put something else as the reason for declining.
What about freelancers that have lots of "in progress" contracts on their profiles but aren't actually working on them, or maybe only working very infrequently? Would oDesk hide their profiles?