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Seems like Ghosted by Client

Is anyone here got hired by a client named **Edited for Community Guidelines**? He hired me on the spot 2 weeks ago. I work hard to meet the quota on his tasks and I should have been paid last Friday. Since then, he got unresponsive and it seems like my messages are going straight to his Archive. Please help. Unresponsive Client After I completed Task 

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Was he payment verified? I only take jobs if they are payment verified and use my time tracker because you are guaranteed to get paid this way.

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Was this a fixed price or hourly contract? If fixed price, was the money in escrow?

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i once had a client disappeard for a month. When I submitted payment, he had it in escrow, Upwork advised that he had 2 weeks to repply and then I would get the money.

He showed up the last day of my waiting, paid me and said his project had been put on hold which is why he did not contact me.

So, send in the payment request.

Good luck

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