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Sent my resume to a cleint

I submitted a proposal for a VA position that sounded kind of great and right up my alley. I heard back from the client and they asked me to email them a copy of my resume that they can take a look at, so I did. They were very responsive. This afternoon, I got an email from Upwork saying the job had been closed because it did not comply with Upwork User Agreement standards. How concerned should I be that this client does have a copy of my resume and should we ever be emailing our resumes to them? I know we don't post them on the site, but if a client reaches out in response to your proposal and asks to see your resume, would you send it over?

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How concerned should you be?


If your resume only contained information that can be seen on your Upwork profile page, then you shouldn't be concerned at all.


And anyway, there is nothing you can do about it now.


For future reference, it is rare that any legitimate Upwork client asks for a resume. If one does, she is probably new and doesn't realize that sending resumes isn't really how we do things here, because our profile page IS our resume.


If you DO send out a resume, you should not include personal contact information.

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Well, is it really any more dangerous, so to speak, than sending out your resume to total strangers who post jobs on Monster or anywhere else? It's a stranger, and you're sending your resume, either way. People do this all the time.


You probably don't have your SSN or anything on your resume (correct?), or any bank or other such sensitive information. You likely have your address, email and phone number, but anybody can easily find those things based on your name and profile image anyway.


I wouldn't worry, personally.

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If you are not that desperate to get that client,

you may tell your client that it is not advisable for Upwork freelancers to give their resumes to their clients because it's what your Upwork profile is for. Tell your client that the details in your Upwork profile is similar to what's in your resume (if it is, but I believe, it should be)


You can also tell your client that as much as possible, you wish to keep all communications within Upwork. (That's for both your protection)

To answer your question,

If I am really desperate to get that job, and if it will not harm me in any way, Yes I will.


• keep all comminications within Upwork.

• avoid giving personal data to your clients.

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