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Service Fee in Transactions Slip - Not a Good Idea

Hi, after being with Odesk for 5years, I'm not really active in the forum nor with the current changes going on with Odesk. Everything is good so far.


Just that today, as I read through my transaction record, I noticed "Service Fee" I know this exists and that through this, I know that we are helping Odesk to be on top.


However, it just gives a negative impact. Can we just keep the transaction records be listed as how it is before? Or at least give an option for it to be hidden?





I just noticed the same thing and was initially taken back. I guess it's oDesk's way of trying to be "transparent", although it IS a jolting reminder of how much I'm paying oDesk for the privilage of working here.


There are several other changes I am definately NOT happy about. Among them is the announcement of "optional subscription memberships". In other words, if you don't pay even MORE to oDesk you will become a "second class" contractor and be less likely to be seen by prospective clients.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sunshine,


Thank you very much for your feedback. Please refer to the thread that Suzanne kindly provided for more information about the new way oDesk Service Fee is displayed in Freelancer report.


I would also like to clarify that the introduction of Membership Plans that Ray is referring to will not affect visibility of freelancers' applications in the clients' applicants lists or freelancers' profiles in search. In other words, you won’t show any differently to a client based on whether you are a paid member or not. 

~ Valeria
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