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Several Funded Milestones Still Showing Pending for Days

I have two particular milestones that have been funded but have their status reflecting Pending. The clients (2 different individuals) are not new and have a working relationship with me. So it would be weird for them to lie that they funded a milestone without going all the way. 


Other contracts I have seem to be getting on quite fine. But these two clients' milestones' funding status is still pending, and they are really important to me. one has been supposedly funded for more than 2 days now, while the second is a little over 9 hours. Both are showing pending.


Need help as soon as possible. Thanks

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Hi Tina, 

If you have delivered the work and pressed the submit button and asked for the funds to be released, they will remain in pending until your clients release payment from their side. If, for some reason, your clients don't respond, the funds will remain in pending for 14 days when they will be released automatically by Upwork, with another 5/6-day wait in security. 

Don't keep pressing the submit button, because then the process will start all over again. 

Just correcting myself here. Once your funds are in pending there is still a  five to six-day security period. 

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