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Several "submitted proposals" are +1 months old or are closed, but I haven't gotten my connects back

What is wrong with Upwork?


Not only are the prices for applying to a job a complete ripoff, but now they don't seem to give connects back for jobs that haven't hired anyone, even when it says that the job post is no longer available.


Upwork really needs to insert some terms to support their freelancers, especially since we need to spend these outrageous amounts nowadays. 


Seriously, Upwork. Fix and adjust the rates or allow us to buy more connects for less money after your awful, new system. How on earth do you think that you will remain an attractive freelance platform when all of the advantages are for the clients and not the freelancers, who are an essential part of getting the job done?

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I understand your frustration, and it's not uncommon for freelancers to express concerns about the cost of connects on Upwork. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, it's important to note that platform policies and features can evolve, and the information provided here may be subject to change.

Here are some suggestions and insights:

  1. Check Connects Policy: Review Upwork's policies regarding connects to ensure you have a clear understanding of how they are supposed to be refunded. Policies can change, so checking the most recent guidelines is essential.

  2. Contact Upwork Support: If you believe there is an issue with the refund of connects for jobs that haven't hired anyone or closed, it's advisable to reach out to Upwork support. Provide specific details about the jobs in question, and they should be able to investigate and assist you.

  3. Community Forum: Visit Upwork's community forum to see if other freelancers have experienced a similar issue. Sometimes, Upwork moderators or experienced freelancers share insights and advice on the forums.

  4. Feedback and Suggestions: Upwork often values feedback from its users. You can consider providing feedback directly through Upwork's official channels, expressing your concerns about the cost of connects and suggesting improvements. They may take user feedback into consideration when making updates to the platform.

  5. Explore Other Platforms: If you find the pricing and policies on Upwork to be less favorable, consider exploring other freelancing platforms that may have different fee structures and policies.

Remember that freelancing platforms aim to strike a balance between providing value to freelancers and meeting the needs of clients. Providing clear and constructive feedback to Upwork can be a way to contribute to the ongoing development of the platform. However, individual experiences and opinions may vary, so it's essential to stay informed about platform policies and make decisions based on your own preferences and needs.

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Manilla B wrote:

What is wrong with Upwork?

Without using chat bot as in earlier reply 🤣 I will answer simply - everything. Literally everything. Just browse the forum, people are pointing out many things that simply don't work or are designed to straight milk people and not provide anything valuable in exchange for their money, and nothing is ever done.

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Think about it this way.... upwork  has gone to the trouble of making a fake freelancer profile, generated selfie pic and all,  for the "community member" who initially replied.  As well, despite being able to simply create a fake upwork employee profile to spit out chat bot responses, they chose to use a "community member" profile to do so.  All I can say is, if that community member is real, they are wasting a lot of time formatting their responses, which may be why they have not won any jobs as a freelancer.

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